What I do


Cultural Intelligence is a specialist consulting firm with cultural diversity experts from a range of professions. We combine academic understanding with real world experience to deliver solutions for businesses and individuals.


Poliversity is a partisan independent organisation that promotes culturally diverse leadership, representation and recognition in the Australian Labor Party.


One Chai Please brings you projects featuring traditional and cultural art and costumes from throughout Asia.

Enlightened Heart

My Chinese name WaiSum literally translates to enlightened heart. This is my spritual project combining crystal singing bowls and my voice to create angelic melodies for performance and balancing.

Power Cards

This beautiful deck of Power Cards was created as a tool to help you embrace your authentic power and improve your relationship to power. You can choose a card for everyday guidance or use the cards in workshops or for coaching purposes.

Leadership is about the courage to take the more difficult path.

About me

Power of cultural diversity

Cultural diversity is my passion and it is also my identity, so my drive is the desire to really see people embracing the power of diversity.
I am an insightful speaker and experienced training on cultural diversity with experience in managing people of people from diverse cultures.
Quietly confident, I weigh arguments and listens to different views before I contribute my opinions.
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