Tiny efforts that created a movement

Sometimes tiny efforts are enough to create a ripple effect.

When a few of us saw how people were avoiding Chinese restaurants because of coronavirus, we wanted to do something to help people understand the minimal risk of eating out.  At a meeting with Jenny Mikakos, Minister for Health and Ambulance Services and Dr Brett Sutton Chief Health Officer in Victoria, we proposed a potential event to bring together government officials (such as her) and the community to spread official and accurate information.  This meeting created a Chinese community lunch “We are open for business” on 12 February 2020.

The event was well attended by mainstream media and Chinese media, including an article written to say that a beloved Chinese restaurant Shark Fin Inn may have to close due to less customers eating there.

It was heartened to see a small effort by Anne Pang, Teresa Chung and myself to have generated a movement of people now eating out at Chinese restaurants, so they can sustain their businesses. Last time I looked, other Members of Parliament, journalists and many others joined the movements and doing their bit and started eating at Chinese restaurants.

Thankyou to all the kind Victorians who have showed their love and support individually!!!