What we’ve learned from ‘Super Saturday’s’ federal by-elections

By Wesa Chau; Erin Watson-Lynn. University of Melbourne alumna and 2013 ALP Candidate for Higgins; Liberal Party Member, WA and Victoria Key points: Australian Labor Party candidates won four of the five federal by-elections held yesterday, with an Independent taking the fifth. The Coalition government retains its one-seat majority in the House of Representatives. In[…]

One Chai Please – AFL Multicultural Festival

Creative statement We do not necessarily need to look to high-end fashion to see inspiration from Asia.  There are many opportunities to do that right here in Melbourne.  Showcasing traditional Asian costumes at mainstream Australian events is a great opportunity to start conversations around identity, traditions and cultural values. It encourages people to ask about[…]

Vale Hon Joan Kirner

Vale Joan Kirner, our 42nd premier who recently sadly died from cancer at the age of 76.  She was also Victoria’s first and only female premier. Joan Kirner became an activist after becoming concerned with large classroom sizes, which motivated her to be politically active.  One of her legacy was overseeing the introduction of the[…]