Cultural diversity webinar

June 12, 2017
The project

The aim of this project is to inform University staff about cultural diversity and the impact of cultural differences on international students during their study in Australia.  This will be a webinar offered to staff at Universities, TAFEs and RTOs, using stories to highlight their difficulties and providing tips on how staff might be able to assist in the whole of international students life cycle.  The webinar will be hosted and facilitated by an experience cultural diversity consultant Wesa Chau, inviting students to share their stories.

Up to 10 students will have the opportunity to share their stories. Students who are selected to present in the webinar will be paid and there may be ongoing work depending on future sessions.

International Student life cycle

It is recognised that there are different stages of an international student’s lives and were they are in the cycle impacts on the types of support they need during that time, these include:

– pre-arrival (communication by Universities, immigration departments)
– landing (enrolment, admission, familiarising, culture shock)
– settling (University system, student support)
– succeeding (life on campus, leadership, expansion)
– life after studying (work, deciding on whether to stay or leave)

The focus of the webinar is to help University staff to understand how culture impacts on students during their study, and how sometimes the conflicts in cultural understanding may create misunderstanding when communicating.


Students will be supported by a world-class expert on speaking and presentations – Jon Yeo, licensee for TedX Melbourne.  His role is to help students to share their personal stories with impact.  This is a rare opportunity for students learn how to become a professional speaker and sharing their story with impact.

The dates for the training is on:

Wed 5 July 12noon – 1pm
Wed 12 July 1pm – 3pm
NOTE: Student participation is voluntary but participants will receive all training for free.


– You must be an international student
– You are willing to present your story in front of an audience
– You can commit to BOTH of the training dates

Who am I?

My name is Wesa and was founder of Australian Federation of International Students, and have won numerous awards for my work with international students including Young Victorian of the Year 2010 and the 2016 Victorian International Education Award – Internationalisation.

To apply

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